Enjoy a first class lounge environment at Montana’s first “Private” Cigar Lounge.

Store your cigars in a secure humidity and temperature controlled humidor locker.

Enjoy Montana’s first ‘private’ cigar lounge in a nicely appointed lounge experience. Use our 24/7 access control to come and go as you like and enjoy our automated ventilation system to smoke your cigar. We look forward to seeing you soon….


img_5384“Sweet, I finally have room to store additional cigars. Maybe buy a couple boxes and store them in Summit’s lockers.”

guy-1 “I love cigars, but I don’t like exposing my wife and kids to the second hand smoke. Now I will be able to smoke without being concerned for their health.”

guy-2“I can’t wait to have a nice place to talk business and close some deals over a great cigar.”

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-18-17-am“Finally I can smoke indoors without ticking my wife off”

Our Newly Remodeled Lounge